Facial nerve Examination


Facial nerve palsy


  1. General: Loss of facial expressions
  2. Eyelids: on blinking, the affected side closes after the normal eyelid (Bell’s sign – the eyeballs moves vertically upwards when the eye is closed)
  3. Eyes: widened palpebral fissures
  4. Nasolabial folds: flattened on the affected side
  5. Mouth: the affected side droops and moves less when talking


  1. Occipitofrontalis: “ارفع حواجبك
  2. Orbicularis oculi: “زر على عينيك
  3. Orbicularis oris: “ورينى سنانك
  4. Buccinators: “انفخ

Complete examination

  1. Test taste (chorda tempani)
  2. Test hearing (hyperacusis N. to stapedius)
  3. Cause (history – scar)