Mohamed Mostafa Alasmar, MBBCh, MRCS

Date of Birth
2nd of May 1982


General and Vascular Surgery Visitor resident in Kasr Alainy Hospitals (Current)
General Surgery resident in Ahmed Maher Teaching Hospital – Cairo.
Basic Emergency and Surgical skills instructor for House Officers in Kasr Alainy Hospitals (Current)
ATLS course National coordinator in Egypt, American College of Surgeons (Current)
ATLS course Instructor American College of Surgeons (Current)
PHTLS course Coordinator (Current)
Admitted to obligatory military service as first lieutenant in Egyptian Army Medical Services (May 2008 – March 2010)
Previously General Practitioner at primary health care sector in ministry of health and population ,Egypt. (March 2007 – May 2008)
Previously House Officer, Kasralainy Hospitals (2006-2007).
Previously IT Professional and Instructional Designer at LRC in Kasralainy Faculty Of Medicine (2005-2007)
Previously Contributing in Web Administration and Develpment in Medical Education Development Center (2003-2006).



Arabic; mother tongue.
English; 6.5 IELTS.


Internet and social networks.
eLearning .
Web Development.
As a student
Primery, preparatory schools; graded on the Secondary school with 98.125% in the secondary school years (the 5th in Damietta governrate).

Faculty of medicine;

Accumulative Total of the 6 years; Very Good With Honor Kasr Alainy Medical School, Cairo University (November 2005)

Postgraduate Studies;

MRCS part1 (Jan 2009)
MRCS part2 (April 2009)
MRCS part3 viva (October 2010)
MRCS part3 Clinical and Communication skills (November 2011)
1st part Master degree of general surgery – Cairo University (April 2011)

Clinical skills and Surgical Operations
appointed as an intern at Cairo university (KasrAlainy) hospitals for one year (March 2006 – March 2007) and passed 2 months in each of the following sections

General Medicine
General Surgery
Gynaecology obstetrics
Student Hospital (department of Surgery)/Cancer Surgery (NCI)
Emergency & Anaesthesia (Surgical ICU)

Computer Skills and Programs Used
Web development using;

HTML, XHTML, CSS and fair knowledge about JavaScript and XML and its modern modalities.
Attedence of MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) Course.
Coding; Macromedia Dreamweaver®, MS FrontPage®, notepad® and Microsoft Visual Studio®.
Multimedia Programs; Image Editing and Graphical design; Adobe PhotoShop®.
Document Formatting; MS Word®.
Presenting; MS PowerPoint.

Latest Attended sessions
In medicine

Prof. Dr. Hossam Moafy lectures in Internal Medicine (2004-2005).
Prof. Dr. Hussien Khairy’s lectures in General Surgery (2004-2006).
Basic and Advanced Life Support and Basic Surgical Skills Course (10-11 Sept 2006).
Introduction to EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) By Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid Atya (Feb 2006).
ITI 4th interntional Conference on information and communications technology (information processing in the service of mankind and health) (9&10 December 2006).
Primary Health Care Orientation Course for new doctors in Damietta (14 April – 3 May 2007).

In IT field

Microsoft MDC “Middle East Developer Conference” (5-8 Feb 2006).
Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD – C#.NET)(ITI training center). – (May 2006).
e-learning Course in LRC Kasr Alainy (by Dr M. Fouad. E Learning expert in TEMPUS Projects). (June to August 2006) “40 hours”.
E-Learning Content Development Course in LRC training and certification by IBM® Egypt – (November 2006).
Mastering Content Producer Course in LRC training and certification by IBM® Egypt – (December 2006).
5th international conference on e-learning Applications in AUC (American University in Cairo (January 2007).



Organ Transplantation (August 2005 – Under Supervision Of Prof. Dr. Hussein Khairy)
MRI Physics on Thursday 30/3/06 (Under Supervision Of Prof. Dr. Hussein Khairy)
Basic Computer Skills And Using of Microsoft Word® in Document Formating And Microsoft Power® Point in Presntations and Presentation Skills Course (A Course Delivered to House Officers In 4 Hours).
Basic Surgical skills course
Basic trauma life support course


Educational material projects;
Contributor of;

EBM e-learning course with Prof. Dr. Eman Abdel-Raouf
Surgery CD VR models and X-Rays; 90 VR models completed Under supervision of Prof. Dr. Amr Mohsen
Gynecology Museum CD; VR museum and Instruments; 250 VR models, in the Debugging phase Under supervision of Prof. Mohamad Almeligui and Prof. Mahmoud Salem
Forensic Museum; 80 VR models


Contributor of;



e-Content Award Special mention for Kasr Alainy website e-Learning content.
1st Best Educational CD and educational material submitted by students to Cairo University Science Club, for Gynaecology CD
2nd Best Educational CD and educational material in the same competition, for Parasitology CD, also my team had the 4th and 5th grades in the same competition.
Best Educational CD and educational material submitted by Egyptian Universities Youth Week in Mansourah 2005.
3rd Best Educational material in the same competition.


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