Clinical Surgery Notes for MRCS OSCE part B exam for DOWNLOAD

Very Important

It is not the intention of these note to be a complete comprehensive notes for the clinical examination in General Surgery or for the OSCE part B MRCS examination.

The main intention of these notes is to create a skeleton upon which you can build up your plans in clinical examination. In addition to that, it can be used for a quick revision before the exam.

You can NOT go for the exam without keeping these notes by heart.

But also, you can NOT got for the exam with these notes alone.

Please refer to clinical examination textbooks like

  • “Browse’s Introduction to the Symptoms & Signs of Surgical Disease, Fifth Edition by Kevin G. Burnand (Editor), John Black (Editor), Steven A. Corbett (Editor),”
  • “Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery (MRCS Study Guides)” by Manoj Ramachandran (Author), Marc A Gladman (Author)

Note that, you have to practice each examination as much as you can on real patients, volunteers or even your colleagues.

These notes cover 6 out of 18 stations of the MRCS OSCE part B exam.


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