Peripheral arterial system – Clinical Examination


Peripheral arterial system


Color changes

 Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 2.35.53 PM

Trophic changes and Tissue loss (Ulcer / Gangrene)and tissue loss

  1. Pressure areas and between toes (Ischemic ulceration – Gangrene)
  2. Skin and appendages (Temperature – Loss of hair – Loss of sebaceous and sweat glands – Dry skin – Deformed and brittle nails – Loss of nail luster – Xanthelesmata and xanthomata)
  3. Subcutaneous tissues (Loss of subcutaneous fat – Thin skin – Tapered toes)
  4. Venous guttering
  5. Muscles and tendons (Wasted muscle)
  6. Bones and joints (Osteoporosis)
Vascular angle (Buerger’s Angle)


  1. Temperature (and tenderness)
  2. Capillary refill
  3. Peripheral pulses


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